1 Question: Electron - Breakpoints only work in main.js, but not in index.js

Question created on Sunday February 26, 2017

since half an hour I work on the electron-Quick-Start-Tutorial. Like the docs told me, I created the filestructure like this:

  • package.json
  • main.js
  • index.html

Departing from the docs I did changes on the launch.json to make my project start on F5 in Visual Studio Code:

       "type": "node",
        "request": "launch",
        "name": "Programm starten",
        "program": "${workspaceRoot}/main.js",
        "cwd": "${workspaceRoot}",
        "runtimeExecutable": "${workspaceRoot}/node_modules/.bin/electron",
        "runtimeArgs": [

My oncklick()-functions reside in index.js, that is referenced in index.html:

<script src="index.js"></script>

It's all fine, but how can I make my index.js-breakpoints work within VSC? Main.js-breakpoints stop as they should.

Thx piccus

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can you change your launch.json like this and check this document http://electron.rocks/debugging-electron-in-vs-code-revised/

    "name": "Debug",
    "type": "chrome",
    "request": "launch",
    "runtimeExecutable": "${workspaceRoot}/node_modules/.bin/electron",
    "runtimeArgs": [
     "sourceMaps": false

btw if its not a typo can you change your oncKlick function to onclick()

Sunday February 26, 2017
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